HAMI School Excursion

The children of HAMI School went on excursion to Kaduna Airport, for all of them it was their first time seeing an airplane and were excited to be there. This trip was an experience that will hopefully stay with them for a long time. The field trip helped the children learn in a more interactive and interesting manner, the hands on experience made learning more fun and was a welcome break from the usual classroom routine.

It was a great adventure as they were able to explore fully all they had learnt in the classroom. Part of our educational objective is to broaden their horizons, build their self-confidence and provide our students with a sense of a wider world.

School trips are not only beneficial to the students but to their teachers as well. It gives the teachers a unique insight to the way each child learns and views the world. Coming from underprivileged homes these trips are a rare opportunity for our kids and will introduce them to new opportunities and passions. With education and hard work the HAMI children can achieve their dreams.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison” – Victor Hugo