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Annual Letter 2012



Ladies and Gentlemen, the year 2012 is an unprecedented year in the history of Nigeria. The challenges remain enormous, as the global recession will begin to affect countries in Africa due to the slow down especially in Europe  – key development allies. The African economy is expected to grow at a rate of 4.3%, according to the World Bank.

40% of Nigeria’s population is below at the age of 14. We need to cater for the next generation now.

Nigeria’s economy is estimated to growth by 7% this year. However, the poverty rate in Nigeria has increased even though the economy continues experience strong growth. This means that millions of Nigerians are growing poorer – this is not just alarming but dangerous for society. To be precise, over 112 million (69% of the population) Nigerians are poor. Hence, we need to fight poverty!

According to Trading Economics, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is 23% of the labour force; also the country has a relatively young population with over 40%  (63 million people) below the age of 14. In eight years, over four million jobs will have to be created yearly to meet up with the current population growth rate. To put it starkly, by 2019, Nigeria needs to generate at least four million jobs every year for the next 14 years to fulfill the employment needs of the next generation. This does not include the current workforce, where the official unemployment rate is 23%. The time to act is now.

What needs to be done?

We need to uplift our society by fighting poverty and creating jobs. This can only be achieved one step at a time by all of us. The little contributions we can make can impact on the lives of every individual in our country and around the world. We need to look inwards in uplifting our society and making lives better.

How we plan to achieve positive change

One word: EMPOWERMENT! Ultimately our goal is to empower the people through:


Our achievements so far:


The Foundation is relatively new but has been successful at running several awareness campaigns on malaria prevention, religious tolerance and making donations to various orphanages. Here at AMAF, we believe in giving back to the society, which is the backbone and the principle behind setting up the foundation.  Priority will and shall be given to people with fewer opportunities.

AMA Foundation is currently constructing a primary and secondary school in Kaduna with aim of educating 240 kids over the next 12 years.

Right now, most Nigerians live on less than a dollar a day. Most people worry about the most basic things in life, which we take for granted things as simple as access to clean water, basic healthcare and food to eat. We all have the ability to make a difference by doing our own part in helping our communities develop in whichever way we can.

I believe that if the right steps are taken, we can achieve a lot by simply “giving back”
As Winston Churchill said ~ we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Thank you.

Abdullahi Musa Bello.

Founder AMA Foundation


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